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Qingdao SINOY Packaging Co., Ltd. a production enterprise specializing in plastic flexible packaging (development, printing, compounding, slitting, bag making, research and development of new plastic materials)





Let's talk about the following simple question

Food packaging  is part of the food commodity that protects food from the flow of food from the factory to the consumer, prevent the biological, chemical, physical external factors damage, it can also maintain the food itself stable quality of the function, it is convenient for food consumption, but also the first expression of food appearance, to attract the image of consumption, with material costs outside the value. 
Have you ever paid attention to a few catchy words on the breakfast package or a few interesting cartoons, which are very interesting, and even laugh aloud at the same time you eat earlier? Yes, this is the creative expression of food plastic bags. Can make you smile in the early morning, work hard and enjoy life. How to make food plastic packaging bag to attract customers attention, and shape the brand image. Let's talk about the following simple question:
Bread is a food that people often buy for breakfast, and generally bread sellers use a transparent plastic vest bag to pack bread or cakes, of course, this type of bakery is certainly not a feature of the bread, however, some of the bread into the entrepreneurial business, in addition to the intention to make bread, but also in the packaging of food plastic bags to spend their minds, so that their food grade than other better.
Food plastic bags are ordered by the food business, it not only maintains the traditional use of safe and hygienic packaged food, also outside the food plastic bag clever printing has a merchant's brand, transparent place shows the appearance of food and hue, in the surrounding properly printed with warm colors, so that consumers are attracted by the visual, but also let the Merchant brand is remembered by consumers.
In the food packaging industry commonly used in the vacuum packaging can be effective oxygen insulation, prevent food spoilage, effectively extend its shelf life, and prevent the invasion and reproduction of bacteria, to ensure food safety and health.
The moisture-proof property, barrier property and processing formability of plastic bags are more abrupt, and the cost is relatively low.
In the storage and transportation of products, plastic bags can effectively prevent leakage, scattered, loss, shrinkage, discoloration and so on.
It is proved that the successful enterprise not only to the quality, but also in the plastic packaging bags to spend more thought, this is not just for packaging, but also to earn the reputation of the enterprise.

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QINGDAO SINOY PACKAGING CO LTD. is a production enterprise specializing in plastic flexible packaging solutions supplier and (development, printing, compounding, slitting, bag making, research and development of new plastic materials).

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