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The main products include: plastic composite packaging bags, color printing packaging bags, food packaging bags, vacuum packaging bags, cooking bags, low-temperature freezing bags, cat litter bags, food and medical automatic packaging film rolls; transfer film, warning tape, banner tape, Bird repellent belt, air-conditioning cable tie, etc. Due to its low cost and the advantages of wide application, our products are used in many industries, such as food, medicine, cosmetics, textiles, underwear, electronics, pesticides, seeds, etc.

Professional manufacturer in China for more than 50 years

Professional production and R&D team

Supplier of high-quality breast milk storage bags

Quality tape supplier

Improve the capital base, international advanced management system

Professional packaging supplier, quick response, punctual delivery

Innovation, pragmatism, and coordinated development The philosophy of life creates a solid foundation that spans the city's Hualianxing

SINOY Packaging Inc.

QINGDAO SINOY PACKAGING CO LTD. is a production enterprise specializing in plastic flexible packaging solutions supplier and (development, printing, compounding, slitting, bag making, research and development of new plastic materials).

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Factory Address: No. 506, Guangzhou North Road, Jiaozhou City, Qingdao
Office Address: 3-1-20F, No. 9, Zhangzhou Second Road, Shinan District, Qingdao

Mobile: +86 13361260191 (same ID as WeChat, WhatsAPP ) 
Fax: 0532-85817935  85660077 

Phone: +86 532 80932003  80932052 80932060 80932028

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