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Qingdao SINOY Packaging Co., Ltd. established in 1956, is a worldwide packaging materials supplier by manufacturing packaging materials like flexible packaging bags, pouches, composite or laminated film with precise rotogravure printings, etc.


As a packaging materials manufacturer with rich experiences accumulated more than 50 years, we are qualified for producing medical packaging materials by FDA, and we were awarded by SAIC as a state-grade contract-stressing & promise-keeping enterprise annually.

Our high quality products includes customized flexible packaging products , such as PE bags, PE liners film, PE shrink film, laminated roll stocks and custom barrier pouches for common packaging, retort packaging, aseptic sterilization packaging, vacuum packaging ,deep-frozen packaging , static control packaging anti-counterfeiting packaging, etc.., and owing to its advantage of low cost and wide application, our products are being used in many industries, such as food, pharmaceutical, Cosmetics , textile / underwear, electronics, farm chemical, seeds, etc.


Our R&D engineer team is rich experienced. Upon receiving the inquiries, they would commence designing according to client’s requirement, consequently, the sample will be presented in a short time, and the producing process will start once getting confirmation from client side.


Preformed pouches/ roll stock:

Breast milk storage bags, Sterilization bags for microwave, Three-side-sealed with zip-lock strip, Central sealed at reverse side, Side-welded with, without adhesive strip, Zipper bags, Stand-up pouch with zipper, Bags with zip-lock facilities,Valve coffee bags , Square bottom bags etc... all A/M plastic bags could be made with a nick at one or both side for easy opening, and are ideal for food ( including confectionary, snacks, milk/coffee powder, spice, condiment, meat and sea-food, etc.. ), rubber / latex gloves, toys, washing powder / liquid, and any other light commodities suitable.

Non-adhesive tapes:

Barricade caution tape,
Flagging tapes,
Caution tapes,
Tie tapes,
PVC Insulating tape & Masking tapes, etc. .

Thermoforming containers:

Food tray,
Thermoforming & Vacuum forming,
Blister products:
Blister packs,
Clamshell containers, injection molding containers ,
PVC flexible film,
Greenhouse PE film (Max. 12 meters wide),
PVC rigid sheet

Qingdao SINOY Packaging Co., Ltd. We are a worldwide flexible packaging solutions supplier.

SINOY Packaging Inc.

QINGDAO SINOY PACKAGING CO LTD. is a production enterprise specializing in plastic flexible packaging solutions supplier and (development, printing, compounding, slitting, bag making, research and development of new plastic materials).

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Factory Address: No. 506, Guangzhou North Road, Jiaozhou City, Qingdao
Office Address: 3-1-20F, No. 9, Zhangzhou Second Road, Shinan District, Qingdao

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