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The concept of plastic packaging stimulates the development of environmental protection

Packaging concept refers to people in the design and use of packaging to establish a certain concept, and here refers to the concept of environmental protection. About plastic packaging, is actually a "degree" of certainty, plastic materials simple modelling, low-cost, even if it is a streamlined packaging, can reflect creative design, attract eyeballs to achieve promotional purposes. Recently, "Environmental protection" topic has not been reduced, plastic packaging will lie gun, become a target, but in fact once plastic packaging to establish environmental protection concept can also promote the development of environmental protection.  
Research has shown that plastic materials can be used in a large number of applications because of their lighter quality, which has a lower carbon footprint than glass and metal. From a comprehensive perspective, plastics also have other packaging materials can not be replaced by the advantages. High-density polyethylene is much less polluting than the whole life cycle of the bleached Kraft paper shopping bag. If the packaging field is completely banned, will cause more packaging pollution.
Today, there are many kinds of green packaging materials, can be divided into reusable and recycled packaging materials, edible packaging materials, degradable materials and paper materials four kinds, and the environmental protection of plastic packaging mainly reflected in the regeneration and degradation.
Recycled plastics in the use of raw materials, pollution emissions, water and other aspects have obvious environmental advantages, to polyester, for example, the renewable polyester energy demand is less than 2/3 of the original, and 2/3 of sulphur dioxide and 1/2 of nitrogen dioxide, and reduce the water consumption is 10 times times, but also without the original plastic landfill treatment. These are to a large extent stimulating environmental development.
Degradable plastic is our current hot topic, according to the 2011 global degradation of plastic market demand from 2006 to 203,000 tons of rapid growth to 1.2 million tons, is expected to 2015 more than 5 million tons. In 2011, the total production of bio-materials and degradable products in China was about 450,000 tonnes, which grew by about 30% in 2010.
Compared with ordinary plastic, biodegradable plastic can reduce the consumption of $number oil resources, if the use of degradable plastic replacement of 1 million tons of traditional plastic, it can reduce about 2 million tons of petrochemical resources.
Today, the European Union has planned to raise the market share of fully biodegradable plastic packaging to 20% of the EU's overall market share 2015 years ago; Italy has enacted a ban on plastic, and similar mandatory legislation will be introduced in California and Australia, all of which drive these countries to expand their research and development of degradable plastics, and the popularity of environmentally friendly plastic packaging will be a must.
Environmental protection is today's hot topic, and in a short time our life is inseparable from plastic. Why not the original used for ornamental packaging costs, transfer to environmental protection materials development and application, is absolutely the consumer and enterprise to achieve a double win "prescription", set up the packaging of environmental protection concept can undoubtedly give enterprises to win new market.

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